Rejuvenating Mint Chamomile Shampoo Bar

$ 8.99

Take better care of your body and the environment with naturally sweet shampoo bars that minimize unnecessary packaging and maximize your beautiful mane!

Each bar is made with the finest ingredients for shinier, healthier hair and lasts for 60 - 80 washes which reduces the use of plastic bottles.

How to use:

  1. Get your hair wet
  2. Massage the bar over and around your head until achieving a good lather.
  3. Put the bar in a place where it can air dry until the next use. 

We 💕 shampoo bars because:

They reduce your carbon footprint by eliminating plastic waste. Yay Planet Earth! 🌎😎

Compact and lightweight, they're perfect for travel. Did somebody say road trip!? 🚗💨

Super concentrated bar outlasts bulky shampoo bottles. Yay for saving money! 💵 😍